Eddy Andrews – Global Public Speaker

Eddy Andrews is an internationally known motivational and keynote speaker paid to motivate and inspire staff in many corporations and companies. Eddy Andrews is a marketing and brand strategist who has worked with CEOs, Sole proprietors, and executives to help them strategize and grow their professional Brands. Eddy Andrews has worked for over a decade with Personal Relations and marketing teams of many multimillion-dollar companies and startups; hence he is the best and most experienced speaker to invite for any staff.

Eddy holds a degree in communication and journalism from the University of Delaware. Eddy is also an author who has written excellent books like ‘creative minds.’ Eddy is an all-around person for business and investment since he also trained as a business coach. Andrew has also earned comprehensive coverage internationally, both in broadcast and print media outlets. He has featured in Wall Street Journal, international broadcasts such as BBC and CNN, and the best magazines like Forbs, Inc, Mashable, and DailyWorth.

Why should you hire a speaker like Eddy for a presentation for your corporation? Well, let us look at some of the benefits below;

•    It helps employees get out of their regular daily routine. It was evident that staff get dragged down in the mundane of their daily tasks. Getting out of these routines gets boring at some point and can slow down productivity.

•    Drive performance. A professional Keynote speaker Like Eddy Andrews will inculcate motivation to the workers to work towards achieving the organization’s goals even long after the speaker is gone. A good speaker knows how to keep the staff motivated to work even months after leaving the event.

•    Compel the workers to action. Message about hard work, teamwork, self-drive, and other motivations are well taken by the staff when the message comes from someone not part of the organization.

A good speaker like Eddy Andrews is very useful to an organization since he has vast experience and ideas from all over the world to share with the employees.