The Importance of Influencers in Brand Strategy

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We live in a truly connected and digital world. There are an estimated 6,648 billion smartphone users in the world today, spending up to six hours a day staring into their screens. With the vast majority of that time spent browsing social media, these platforms are becoming the backbone of any digital marketing campaign, and influencers are playing a major role in helping businesses reach new audiences. 

Experienced brand and marketing strategist Eddy Andrews understands the importance of influencers in developing your brand strategy. Still not sure? He has taken a closer look at how they can help you:

  • Increase awareness

According to Eddy Andrews, the biggest benefit of using influencers is that they can amplify your brand awareness. Working with influencers relevant to your sector has been shown to significantly increase how many people know your brand.

  • Improve credibility

Alongside increasing brand awareness, influencer marketing can also help you improve your credibility. Consumers can see through traditional advertising, tending to trust recommendations and content created by influencers. That is why utilising those relevant figures in your industry can help boost your credibility and increase conversions.

  • Connect with younger consumers

Influencers are now one of the most effective ways of reaching Gen Z and Millennial customers. These individuals were raised in the digital world, and place increasing precedence on what these key individuals are saying. Eddy Andrews believes they are a crucial addition to your marketing if you want to tap into these highly profitable demographics.

  • Support your own content

Creating content for your own social channels can be very time-consuming and it can be tough to continuously come up with creative ideas. Working with influencers will also provide you with content to share across your digital platforms, while also helping to provide you with a clear brand strategy.

Need help with your branding and marketing?

If you’re in need of support with your brand and marketing, then Eddy Andrews is here to help you. Having helped his clients to secure coverage in print and broadcast outlets across the globe, including the likes of BBC, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

With expert knowledge on branding, Eddy Andrews has worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to global corporations. So if you are wondering how influencers can transform your digital marketing, get in touch today!