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For many people, New Year’s resolutions are the perfect time to start thinking about their fitness goals and kicking those bad habits. However, experienced brand and marketing strategist Eddy Andrews says it is also the ideal opportunity for businesses to re-evaluate their own position in their industry. Eddy explores how companies can do just that in his newly launched book, Creative Minds.

After an indulgent festive season, many people use January to get their mental and physical health back into shape. However, the start of the New Year should not only be a chance to develop our personal lives, but businesses can also use the opportunity to reinvigorate their operations and set themselves up for success.

As one of the most experienced Brand and Marketing Strategists in the industry, Eddy Andrews understands all too well the many challenges that business face when trying to grow. These difficulties have only become harder in recent years following the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with rising energy costs.

However, while the current economic outlook looks stormy, it does not mean that businesses need to batten down the hatches. Instead, Eddy Andrews believes that now is actually the perfect time to start thinking more creatively and investing in the right areas of your operations. In his new book, Creative Minds, Eddy explores a myriad of New Year’s Resolutions that CEOs, Marketing Managers, entrepreneurs and professionals can adopt to help stand them in good stead over the coming 12 months.

Available in bookstores and to download shortly, the book covers the many economic challenges that businesses will face in 2023 and what they can be doing to not only combat them but turn them to their advantage. Eddy Andrews draws upon his years of experience to provide creative and innovative solutions that encourage companies to start thinking outside of the box.

“There can be no denying that many businesses and startups are facing an uphill battle at the moment,” said Eddy Andrews ahead of the launch of the new book. “In these difficult times, it is very tempting to start cutting costs and be as conservative as possible. One of the first areas companies cut back on during challenging periods is their branding and marketing; however, this is actually the best time to start investing in it!

Thinking more creatively about where you are spending your money and how you are marketing your business can help to transform your current situation and actually help you to expand your reach. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start implementing this new approach, and committing to these resolutions now will help you onto the path of success in 2023.”

To find out more about Eddy Andrews and the wide range of services that he can help provide to your business, or to pre-order your copy of Creative Minds today, send us a message.