How To Write A Killer Press Release

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While we live in an increasingly digital world, traditional PR still plays a vital role in helping businesses to expand their reach and secure coverage in some of the world’s leading media publications. As an experienced PR professional, Eddy Andrews has helped his clients to achieve features in everywhere, from the BBC to the Wall Street Journal, and he knows that every piece of coverage begins with a killer press release.

How do you write a captivating and engaging press release that will get journalists talking about your business? Eddy Andrews has taken a closer look at his top tips:

Create an attention-grabbing headline

The headline is the first thing that a journalist will see of your brand, so it is crucial that you are hitting with an attention-grabbing headline. Eddy Andrews says that too many businesses try to cram large amounts of information into their headline, but this just becomes unclear and hard to decipher.

That is why when creating your release, make sure that your headline is concise and incredibly easy to read and understand.

Get to the point

Once you have nailed your headline, you then want to create a summation paragraph that gives a full overview of your news story in a few short sentences. This sentence should be no more than four sentences and should be bold, providing the salient facts and information.

Include research

Eddy Andrews says that another key part of any killer press release is the ability to back up any statements with clear and proven facts from an independent source. Any time that you make a claim about your business or about the industry as a whole, make sure that you are able to support this with a verified source. This will help to showcase to journalists that you have not only done your due diligence but that the news you are announcing is also pertinent to their readers.

Have a clear call to action

You should also make sure that you are sending your press release with a clear call to action that summarises the entire news piece and gives journalists’ a chance to understand exactly what you are trying to share with them.

Include your contact information

Finally, Eddy Andrews says another very common mistake that companies make when sending out a press release is not including any contact details. You should make sure that you are including your email, contact number and also a link to your website. This will allow them to get in touch to ask you any questions that they might have, as well as undertake further research on your brand.

Need help with your press release?

If you are looking to get your brand name out there and create a killer press release to share your news with journalists, then Eddy Andrews is here to help you. Having worked with hundreds of brands over the years, he knows what it takes to bring your business to life and put you in front of relevant consumers.

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