How to Market to the Heart Instead of the Head

Eddy Andrews talks from the heart

If you want to drive sales and build loyal customers, you need to think about how you market to your target audience. This is where many businesses fall short. They focus on the intellect of their customers rather than the heart. This creates a cold, calculated experience that doesn’t inspire emotion and results in lost sales.

Eddy Andrews says that focusing on what motivates your customer’s heart rather than just their head, you can create an emotional connection with them that will inspire genuine empathy and encourage them to buy from you again in the future.

Know your customer’s problems.

To know your customer’s problems, you have to understand what they want. This is where the concept of “knowing your customer” gets thrown around a lot. Being able to identify pain points can help you market to them in a way that resonates with them and their experiences.

Focus on the “why.”

The “who,” “what,” and “where” of marketing are important as well. If you’re selling a product or service that’s specific to a certain type of person, you need to focus on that specific demographic and how to create an emotional connection with them.

Eddy Andrews explains that the best way for anyone to market their brand is by focusing on what matters most: why the person would want your product or service in the first place.

Inspire emotion in your customer

Emotion is the key to marketing, customer loyalty and customer retention. Eddy Andrews believes that if you want to inspire emotion in a customer you need to understand how they feel about their current experience with your brand or product.

This can be done using surveys or interviews with customers who have bought from you recently. Once we establish what makes people feel good about our product or service, we can then create content for social media that inspires those same feelings within potential consumers.

Engage your customer’s heart

In a world where the average person is exposed to 2,600 marketing messages per day, it’s not enough to capture people’s attention with a purely logical message. If you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals, you need to engage your customers at an emotional level.

Emotional engagement increases brand loyalty and purchase frequency. In fact, Eddy Andrews believes emotional engagement is more important than functional or social engagement when it comes to influencing customer behaviour.

You can have a big impact by focusing on the emotions of the customer rather than just their intellect. It can be tempting to try and sell to the head, with facts and figures, but you’ll have a much greater impact if you focus on the customer’s emotions. You know that your product is good, but do they? If they don’t think so yet, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make them feel that way.

Marketing to the heart is a bold strategy. It’s risky and it can be time-consuming, but it also has huge potential for success. When you focus on your customer’s emotions, that connection can lead them to become an advocate for your brand—and so much more!

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