Why PR Should Form Part Of Your Marketing Mix

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The term PR can often seem quite vague and confusing, especially if it is not an area that you have previously explored. In this fast-paced digital world, it can often seem like the traditional methods of PR are no longer effective. However, Eddy Andrews says that when it comes to the marketing mix, PR should form a crucial part.

Brand Awareness

The biggest positive that comes from incorporating PR into your marketing plan is that it can help to significantly enhance your brand awareness. Whether it is establishing partnerships with influencers, securing coverage in mainstream outlets or generating thought leadership opportunities, Eddy Andrews says PR is crucial to ensuring customers are aware of your brand before they even see your marketing efforts.

Develop relationships

PR is not just about brand awareness, though. These methods of communication are also a great way to help develop an intimate and effective relationship with both existing and new customers. When your PR is effectively reaching your target audience, it helps to create a devoted group of individuals eager on your products and services.

Boost your online presence

Eddy Andrews says that many organisations mistakenly believe PR to just be about printed results. However, this is not the case and working with a professional agency will help to ensure you can also bolster your digital presence. Every media website has a website, while many also have popular social media channels that can only help to expand your reach even further.

Develop a positive brand presence

No matter whether you are a small family-run business, or a large corporation, negative reviews or online criticism can be incredibly damaging and ruin your reputation. That is why Eddy Andrews says that traditional PR is essential to ensuring that you are able to minimise the impact and rectify any negativity that could otherwise harm your brand. Effective PR is all about being proactive in your publicity and assuring customers of your organisation.

Stay competitive

Finally, incorporating PR into your marketing mix can also help you to stay competitive. PR does not need to be an expensive outlay, but it can yield massive results that will give your brand a significant edge over your competitors. Investing too heavily in modern marketing techniques such as PPC will lead to diminishing results, which is why your marketing mix needs to be a clear blend of every factor.

Need help with your PR?

If you are looking to discover how adding PR into your marketing strategy can transform your results, then Eddy Andrews is here to help you. As one of the most experienced marketing professionals in the industry, he knows exactly what it takes to ensure your brand can cut through the noise and enjoy the coverage that you deserve.

From feature pieces in the New York Times to securing partnerships with some of the biggest influencers in the market, Eddy Andrews can help you transform your reach. So if you want to find out more, get in touch today!